Welcome: Marilou Briglin, Lynnhaven Office

Marilou Briglin spent 25 years on active duty in the Unite States Navy before becoming a real estate agent with Rose & Womble Realty Company.  During her time in the Navy she learned the value of strong communication and being a mentor.

“Navy of which my experience has led me to guide, train and mentor service members in personal, financial and technical counseling as well as providing critical intelligence and threat analysis on strategic, operational and tactical areas of operations to Commanders as an Operational Intelligence Analyst,” says Marilou.

Marilou brings the same amount of attention to her real estate career.

 “I chose to become a Realtor as I have a passion and natural ability to help people by providing them with essential information which will enable and assist them in making well informed decisions that will have an impact on their future,” says Marilou.

Marilou choose Rose & Womble not only because of the reputation of the company but also because she personally was a customer.

“I chose Rose & Womble, not only did I have an enjoyable, positive and learning interaction with a Rose & Womble agent when I bought my home in 1998 but also because they are a top leading company that takes pride in putting people first. They provide excellent support and continuing training to their agents to remain current and relevant in the Real Estate market,” says Marilou.