Home improvement ideas during quarantine

Make the most of your time in quarantine by getting your home looking its very best!


Decluttering your home is a good first step. Start with your wardrobes, move onto the kitchen drawers and then all your storage areas. Check out the KonMari method developed by Marie Kondo to help you organize your things effectively and quickly.

Create a Home Gym

Keeping fit should be at the forefront of our minds both now and for the future. To keep costs to a minimum, all you need to do is clear up an area where you can do some indoor exercises for a few minutes daily. You don’t need too much equipment – essentials should include a mat, a couple of dumbbells and an exercise band.

Add some Storage

Additional storage is always a bonus, while you may not have additional storage cupboards available, you can create storage space through utilizing items that are about to be thrown out, for instance, an old kleenex and shoe box. This is also a quick and fun way to do arts and crafts with kids. Tammy who runs Southern Flair Crafts, showcases what is possible with a few kleenex boxes and some free time.

New Color

A new paint job will always work wonders to a room. There’s no better, more affordable way to freshen up a room than with a new coat of paint. Painting isn’t terribly difficult and is also something you can get the kids to help with. Don’t forget to prep the surface – scrape and sand, fill in cracks.

Create a Home Office

With so many people now working from home due to quarantine, the way we work in the future may change. For this reason, a home office could become an essential space in many homes. It’s a fairly easy area to create. A guest room can include a work-at-home spot with a desk, chair and a filing cabinet, the breakfast bar at the kitchen is ideal for a laptop or maybe transform a corner of a landing area to include a desk and shelves.

Furniture Facelift

Do you have furniture that needs a facelift? Changing the color on wood furniture could modernize the chair or table easily for very little money.