Fun Ways to Keep Your Mind Engaged at Home

If you are currently self-isolating, or spending the bulk of your time at home to reduce your social contact, here are some activities you could undertake to keep yourself and your brain busy.

Mash-Up Story Activity

If you find yourself with young children at home who are looking to both socially engage and exercise their creativity, this collaborative Mash-Up Story activity might be a perfect fit. Learn how and get templates here.

Get Creative In The Kitchen

Find some recipes online to recreate at home and get the family involved.

Cooking a big meal can be a therapeutic pass time and help ease your anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic.

Work up a Sweat

Try getting your workout in at home and keep eating healthy! There are plenty of online workouts to follow along with on YouTube or Instagram. Some local personal trainers have even taken it upon themselves to provide workouts via social media that require no equipment or only minimal equipment.

Spring Cleaning

Since you may be inside a fair amount, tackle that junk drawer, garage, or all those boxes stacked up in the corner of your closet. Use the professional organizer’s system: separate into piles of “Keep,” “Donate,” or “Trash.”

Get Crafty

Have you ever had the itch to pick up a new craft?

Crocheting or knitting could be a place to start. Both are independent activities that can be done inside your home or on-the-go — and there are surprising health benefits, too.

Both crocheting and knitting can reduce anxiety and make people feel less stressed and happy, according to research

Get Writing

Have you always wanted to write a story or a blog? Whatever your creative writing interest, dedicate your extra time at home to getting started on a project you may have been putting off for a while.