How to Keep You and Your Family Busy at Home

The novel coronavirus has forced many parents across the country to stay home from work with their children. So what should parents do? We’ve started a list of activities parents and children can do together when everyone is stuck at home.

Indoor Games

For young children, the best distractions are games and the best games can be disguised as exercises. Chair Hat Toss, Hide and Seek and more! Learn some indoor games here.

Learn Something New

You can learn about subjects from archaeology and architecture to law and literature to physics and psychology with these over 1,500 free online classes.

Keep Your Child Learning

The public educational company Scholastic has launched a “Learn at Home” website with ‘day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.

The online courses have been designed for students from pre-kindergarten to grades six and higher. 

Virtual Field Trips

Explore the world without leaving your home with the help of virtual field trips:

Guggenheim Museum

Van Gogh Museum

The Louvre

Houston Zoo live animal cameras

The Great Wall of China

Boston Children’s Museum

Open Up The Toy Box

Most children have their favorite toy that will keep them occupied for hours. Get in on the fun with dice and board games. Work on that puzzle you’ve had on the shelf. Lego and other building sets will let children have fun building things up with their creativity and have fun smashing them down.

Paint Night

Painting? Drawing? Coloring? Art supplies will help children and parents work together for fun. Like picture books, art work requires focus and concentration, too. While your child is out of school, this will certainly help them stay energized and educated.