Why is a Career in Real Estate so Appealing to Women?

REALTOR Sara Lannom is balancing working and being a new mom to Lochlan. Having a career with Rose & Womble enables her to control her career and schedule.
REALTOR Sara Lannom is balancing working and being a new mom to Lochlan. Having a career with Rose & Womble enables her to control her career and schedule.

It’s been said it’s a ‘man’s world’ but not always in real estate.

In a recent National Association of REALTORS® report it was announced that almost 57% of their members are female. Here at Rose & Womble women make up a majority of our most successful agents. In fact, women made up our top resale agents both individually and at team levels for 2013. Real Estate is a great option for women as a career because of the income potential, the flexibility, and that many women bring in the right skill set to succeed- the ability to manage multiple deadlines, personalities, and challenges.

Mary Rumble, who has been an agent for over a year at Rose & Womble’s Lynnhaven Office, discovered that many of the skill sets she had as a stay-at-home mom translated well into her real estate career.

“I was part of many PTA committees while my children were growing up,” said Mary. “I had to balance teachers, parents, kids, and administrators.  A real estate transaction is very similar.  You have to balance many personalities to see a contract to closing.  It was nice I already had the skill set to understand this.”

Balancing the personalities of the buyers, sellers, and the other agent can be tricky, enoough, then try adding the other players, inspectors, appraisers, title professionals, and bankers. Understanding how to mitigate and diffuse conflict, arrange schedules, and monitor progress of projects all fall into the role of a successful real estate agent.

Mary, who had been wanting to be a real estate agent for over five years. is still happy with her decision because it allows her to problem solve and use skills from her college degree. Even while being out of the “traditional” working world for a number of years while she stayed home to raise her children, Mary discovered when she joined Rose & Womble she wasn’t penalized because she stayed at home in terms of income potential. Mary is able to earn the same income level that other agents earn coming into the industry and that level grows with more sales. According to Pew Research Center, women who work-full time earn 77% of what their male counterparts earn – and this often due to career interruptions to raise children.  The nature of real estate compensation is that it is solely based on output – giving women and men truly equal playing fields.

“That’s one of the things women like the most about real estate as a career, no ceiling on income,” said Beach Office Managing Broker Liz Harrison. Liz, who was a successful agent before becoming a managing broker, also felt that another key benefit was the flexibility of working their own hours. Often working moms love a career in real estate because they can balance being a career professional and a mom. Having a flexible schedule is a popular reason for many, men and women included, to start a career in real estate. A career in real estate sales allows the agent to set her own pace and she is directly rewarded in terms of compensation. Real estate is a career that is all about what you put into it and environment plays into a factor. Some want the hustle and bustle of a large, busy office. Others are more comfortable with a smaller team of agents. Within Rose & Womble, there are options to join a large office or a smaller office. There are also New Home and Property Management career paths that can be explored.  No two careers are alike.

“What our profession provides to women that they can’t always find in other occupations is flexibility. Most women have multiple roles between family and business and real estate allows them to work around their other demands. Additionally, when necessary, she can work from home. This does not mean that real estate is an easy profession because you will be working many long hours on nights and weekends when others are not at work,” said Chesapeake Managing Broker Karen Gaskins.

Sara Lannom from Rose & Womble’s Beach Office is discovering this benefit first hand. She is balancing her best year in real estate while being a new mom to Lochlan, who will turn one-year old in December. Sara began her real estate career with the plan of enjoying balancing work and raising a family. For Sara it was always appealing that real estate would allow her to spend time with her children.

“I became an agent in 2010 with the plan of having this career for the flexibility of career and family. Now that I had the baby it hasn’t always been easy. I am learning about being a new mom but I’m having one of my best real estate years. That means I’m busy with both. But I love that I make the schedule work with my husband and son. It allows me to be the mom and career woman I want to be,” said Sara.

Mary Rumble agrees, in fact if she had her way she would have started  her career sooner. “I wish I’d started five years ago.  It was a learning curve this summer to realize how busy I would be when normally I only had to worry about the kids’ schedules.  But I would absolutely sign up again to be a real estate agent.  I love it,” said Rumble.

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