We Celebrate National Coffee Day Every Day

Today is National Coffee Day, giving the 100 million Americans that consume coffee daily an extra excuse to sip on a steamy mug or slurp a chilly iced coffee beverage. With 150 billion cups of coffee consumed each year, there’s a lot to know about the beverage that has been brewing for over six centuries.  One thing for sure Rose & Womble uses its fair share of coffee – in fact one of the perks of joining Rose & Womble is unlimited coffee in each resale and corporate office. Want to know some of the other perks of working as a Rose & Womble agent? Visit JoinRW.com to find out more.

Here are five facts about the “wine of the bean,” as the Arabic language puts it:

  • Prevents wrinkles. With the antioxidant-rich properties of coffee, you can help your skin fight the damaging effects of harmful external factors, such as UV light, and even prevent wrinkles as well.
  • Stops headaches. Research suggests that a cup of coffee could help relieve migraine symptoms and even stop it if consumed at the very early stage of a headache. This is because substances that dilate blood vessels cause vascular headaches while substances like caffeine constrict blood vessels and help counter the painful effects of blood vessel dilation in your head.
  • Cupping is key. An important component in determining the grade and quality of coffee is a process called cupping, where each batch of coffee is tasted, and scrupulously judged for acidity, aroma, body, and overall flavor. And yes, cuppers take coffee breaks.
  • Starts with “cherries.” It takes about six years for a coffee tree to produce its first “cherries.” The beans themselves are the stones of the coffee cherries.
  • Classical composers drank it. Johann Sebastian Bach composed the “Coffee Cantata” in honor of the drink. Ludwig van Beethoven also was an avid coffee drinker, preferring a blend made from 60 beans per cup.