Welcome Mike Yoder, REALTOR® at Lynnhaven Office

Mike Yoder, REALTOR®  joined Rose & Womble because of location, location, location.

Mike Yoder, REALTOR®  loves waterfront property – it’s why he has built his real estate business as a waterfront expert.  It’s no surprise since he was raised in the Great Neck area of Virginia Beach, with a mom and dad who are both very successful in the local real estate industry, that he really wants to grow his business there.  Now as a multiple award-winning agent, Mike has decided to bring his love of real estate and Hampton Roads to Rose & Womble’s Lynnhaven Office because of brand recognition and location of offices.

“There are offices everywhere including one right in the location of my main business area – that was one of the reasons I choose Rose & Womble – t.  I really like that I can run into any of the offices and use the copier or bring clients.   Plus we already had a large market share so the brand is well known in this section of Hampton Roads,” says Mike.

Mike has been a REALTOR® for over 10 years developing a strong business in the Great Neck and Chicks Beach sections of Virginia Beach.  He also loves to serve clients in other sections of Hampton Roads – but being a beach and water guy he loves it when he can take his passion for waterfront living and combine it with real estate.  He often uses time on his boat to discover potential real estate business.  This understanding of Hampton Roads really helps when he has clients looking for a particular piece of property.

“I’m really trying to build my waterfront brand, but I’m comfortable on dry land too.  It’s all about determining what my client really needs in terms of property and finding those homes,” Mike says.

When not working with clients, Mike can be found of course on the beach where he enjoys surfing, but he also loves to hunt, fish, and play a round of golf. He uses his hobbies to develop his real estate business because while he does use email or social media he believes in person-to-person contact. “I like to hang out where my potential clients are. It allows me to network and grow in person. Face-to-face meetings are so important.”  For social media, Mike has found that while a lot of agents use a business type page he uses his personal profile which is a mixture of business with personal.  He has found this method to be a great way to keep in touch with his sphere.

To get in contact with Mike you can call him at 757-416-2363