What to Do With Home Improvement Shows

How to Take Advantage of The Decorating Show Boom

In an article by Remodeling Magazine the topic of how accurate television remodeling programs was discussed.  Here is a surprising fact:

“As of the last quarter in 2013 HGTV was the second highest watched cable network for people between the ages of 25-54 with only ESPN beating it”

Your clients and potential clients are watching these shows – and for the most part that is a very good thing! It means they are dreaming about their next house – or they’re thinking about housing.  A smart agent is going to take advantage.  Here are some ways to connect with past and future clients.

Host a Tweet Chat

Seriously start tweeting during an episode of Property Brothers and you’ll gain followers.  The reason is that television and social media are starting to mix and people want to experience these shows with other people.  Comment or answer questions that you can about the selling and buying process.  Create your own hashtag that people can use and make sure to respond to them.  Advertise to your sphere that you’re hosting a virtual watching party and invite them into the conversation.  This is a great way to use this platform and stay ahead of the trends.

Use examples as case studies for email news letters

Find some good clips and send them to your sphere with commentary – talk about how there are homes on the market with similar features – or why a person ran into an escrow problem in a show.  Use your knowledge and these examples to highlight your education or get a third party to bring in their knowledge  – just make sure that you put correct legal disclosures.

Stay ahead of trends

Your clients are already watching these shows – you should take a look at them to know what is influencing your clients.  That way you know the buzz words your clients will be saying and what they are referencing to – you remain the expert.

Do you use these types of shows in your marketing?  If so we’d love to hear about it.