Top Property Managers Awarded For Great Year



Nine Rose & Womble Property Managers were recognized for their work in 2013.  The Distinguished Property Managers awards were given to individuals who also were honored by the Hampton Roads Association of Realtors© and the Virginia Peninsula Association of Realtors©.  

Rose & Womble President, CEO, and COO Art Zachary was on hand to hand out the awards and spend time with the Property Management team.

“This group of people we have is one of the best we’ve had in a long time.  This group is the cream of the crop and that is due to the leadership of this division and its people,” said Art.

David Hoessly, Director of Property Management and the property managers had over 2,000 properties under their care in the past year and are looking to grow in 2014.  The Division has offices in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Newport News.

“We try to do things right and that’s why we’ve grown to having over 2000 properties.  How successful we are is due to this team,” said Art.

The Top Property Managers for 2013 were:

1.  Cristina Williams, Pennisula Office

2. Vidi Singh, Virginia Beach Office

3. Laurie Locklear, Suffolk Office

4. Catrina Watson, Virginia Beach Office

5. Tracy Thompson, Chesapeake Office

6. Roy Scott, Virginia Beach Office

7. Donna McClellan, Virginia Beach Office

8. Darlene Kelly, Suffolk Office

9. Melissa Salyers, Peninsula Office