Social Media and Real Estate: When is it too much?

How to Balance a Personal Profile and the Need to Promote Your Real Estate Business

by Ramona Rice, Special Projects Marketing Manager, Rose & Womble Realty

Recently posted an article called “10 Facebook Dos and Don’ts” while a great idea, it’s troubling when I see social media advice given out by people who really don’t know much about social media.  We have a hashtag running around the RW universe called #RWPerks and it’s where we highlight some of the perks of aligning your real estate business with Rose & Womble – one of those things is a full-time social media manager who can help you plan and develop a great social media following.  And since that person also is the primary writer of this blog, I’m going to debunk some of the things in that article that frankly aren’t correct and highlight the things to do that are correct.

A warning – the article was written and contributed by people within the industry – great except they all have small social media followings themselves.  Sorry that’s like getting dinner from a skinny chef or buying a garment from the same guy who sold the Emperor his clothes.  Instead we at Rose & Womble can show actual, true, authentic growth in the world of social media – growth that brings more leads to you the agent.

Myth or Fact: Do share personal tidbits about your life

FACT! You have to remember when you’re in real estate you’re really selling two things: property and your services. That means you have to let people get to know you.  For example, if you are an avid golfer put golfer jokes on Facebook – and then put pictures of yourself on local golf courses.  What this does is connect you with golf to your potential client pool and often what do golf courses have around them? Yep Houses!

The same can be said about any personal tidbit – especially those that mean life if changing.  Kids moving to college – post.  New grandbaby? Hello post! if you had a great showing at one of your listings? Post about it because its exciting!

Myth or Fact: Do visit and like friends and clients posts and pages

FACT! The fastest way to develop a following on Facebook (or really any social media platform) is to spread the love.  No one wants to deal with someone only talking about themselves – instead actively participate in posts from friends and clients.  You’re leaving an impression that you care about their lives – and more importantly you are inviting them to return the favor for your posts.  See social media is like a virus – in order for things to spread you have to touch each other.  Make an effort to like, comment, or share at least five posts from your sphere a day – you’d be amazing to see what happens when you do.

Myth or Fact: Do be genuine

FACT! There is nothing worse in this world than a poser – and when you post something that isn’t truly you then it just won’t work.  Make sure you are yourself, don’t try to be someone you’re not.  Example, if you’re a blue collar type of agent don’t start sharing photos of multimillion dollar listings, it just doesn’t feel real.  Having and understanding your niche with social media means that you’re able to find content and commentary about a specific topic that you’re an expert in.  This authentic type of posts will engage the audience of followers – and you WANT that!

Myth or Fact: Do make your personal profile somewhat public

MYTH! I’m going to let you in on a BIG secret – your profile is public no matter what settings you place on it.  While you may have Fort Knox security on your social media your friends and clients may not. Meaning someone hacks into a friends account they can see your stuff.  So the bottom line is don’t post something you don’t want potential clients to see.

Myth or Fact: Do group your friends into lists.

MYTH! Have you ever tried to do this? It’s complicated for Facebook and easier for Google+ though no one is really on Google+.  Instead look at the above post – and treat every person on your ‘friends list” as a potential client

Myth or Fact: Don’t post virtual tours on your personal profile.

MYTH! MYTH! MYTH! This was the point that inspired this article – and frustrates me when I read “advice” given to agents.  If real estate were so turned off to people why are there entire TV networks devoted to it? I’m going to give you another piece of wisdom – secret agents don’t make any money!

Like all things balance is the key to life – you need to share and celebrate when you have a new listing – and posting that new listing on social media is one of the ways to do that.  And so long as you’re doing a good balance of professional and personal posts then your friends aren’t going to mind.  Just don’t only post about real estate and you should be fine!

Myth or Fact: Don’t auto-post from a third party

MYTH! If you have a business page having great content is a key to developing a following – and using a service that will post for you is a good option – so long as you do your homework! You want to make sure that the content is relevant to your audience, and that it isn’t the only content you’re producing.  You still need to show up with good posts, status updates, and no one can auto post on your friends and sphere’s statuses – you need to find 15 -20 minutes sending out Birthday wishes and liking things.

Myth or Fact: Don’t self-promote

MYTH! Really this is the WORSE advice and it’s shameful that REALTOR MAG is doling it out.  You need to self-promote – you need to show off your listings, you need to remind people you’re a real estate expert because they will forget.  Unlike us who are in real estate everyday the average person doesn’t notice for sale signs or real estate until there is a need.  You must stay top of mind or you’ll lose out.

Myth or Fact: Don’t post negative comments about people

FACT! I can’t believe that they had to write this but its true – also unless you want only want to have a certain political leaning client keep the political post to a minimum – unless it is connected to the housing industry and your sphere needs to know about it

Myth or Fact: Don’t forget to log in daily

FACT! Seriously social media is like working out – it only shows results after a long term.  I know it feels like it’s an instant thing – and sometimes it is – but often these relationships are developed over time.  Spend a few minutes every day mapping out a social media plan that involves:

  1. Sharing, commenting, and liking your sphere’s posts
  2. Posting interesting and conversation starting posts
  3. Giving your listings and product some room on the feed

These will payoff – you just have to be consistent, deliberate, and smart with social media.

Ramona Rice is the Special Projects Marketing Manager for Rose & Womble Realty Company.  Our agents get access to her and an entire team of in-house marketing professionals.  Want to know more about Rose & Womble Careers? Go to