DIY: Make Your Own Vase with Plastic Spoons

It’s the season of backyard bbqs and picnics – which means many of you will have an excess of plastic spoons – instead of letting them collect dust in your pantry turn those spoons into a super cute and chic vase!

We saw this super cute project on Yahoo! Shine and now you can make it too.  If you make it let us know by posting it on our Facebook page!

Materials You Probably Have:
• Large can (We used a 28-oz. can.)
• Scissors
• Paper plate
• Measuring spoons
• Paintbrush
• Hot-glue gun

Materials You Need:
• White spray primer
• Plastic spoons
• Blue acrylic paint
• White acrylic paint

1: Coat exterior of can with spray primer.
2: Cut handles off spoons; discard all but one handle. Estimate how many rows of spoons you’ll need, as well as how many spoons per row. On a paper plate, pour out 1 tablespoon of blue paint per row. Leave first blob as is; add ½ teaspoon of white to second blob, 1 teaspoon of white to third blob and so on. Use the handle you saved to blend. Paint one row of spoons-backs only-in each color. Let dry.
3: Add glue to the outer rim of each spoon, and place a row of lightest-color spoons around top edge of can so top edge of spoon extends above lip of can. Begin a second row, placing spoons between those on previous row and overlapping by a third. Continue adding rows in that way until can is covered.