RW Agents Are Compasses to Buyers

Today is National Marooned without a Compass Day.  It always falls on November 6th, and no one really knows where the day comes from.  But it’s a great starting point to talk about all the things a Rose & Womble Agent can do to help you sell your home.

Too often people assume that in order to sell a home all you need is a sign in the yard or a listing on a home search website.  But the reality is that 89% of home buyers in 2012 used a real estate agent to purchase a home.  Even more startling, 87% of home purchases used a real estate agent as a source of information in the transaction.  The most popular method for finding a home is online, but 54% of buyers found their home using their local Multiple Listing Service and 39% used a real estate company’s website.  Only 27% of the buying public used a website like Trulia or Zillow to find the home they purchased and only 13% of people used a For Sale By Owner site. (Facts from NAR Generations Report).

But that is just the marketing of the property.  Once you have an offer the real work begins – making sure to get a fair price, what about closing cost assistance? Are you prepared to deal with survives, home appraisals, financing difficulties,  Home Owner’s Association rules, disclosures, and home inspection reports?  Then there is title and settlement.

And that is a simple transaction.

A Rose & Womble agent can handle those details for you.

The lesson is that your real estate agent has the compass to guide buyers to property, and when you combined it with the experience and training of a Rose & Womble agent then you have a winning combination.

Contact our Customer Service department at to get started. Let us guide to the professionals needed to sell your home.