Remembering Mr. Rose

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Mr. Rose’s passing.  Jim Rose was a staple in our community and throughout Rose & Womble – his influence, his values and work ethic are felt everyday.  We could go on and on about what we feel about the man but we think the best person to tell you about him is his son, J. Van Rose President of Rose & Womble New Homes and Rose & Womble Enterprises.


      ” Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my dad’s passing. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The pain, the heartache, the loss were all overwhelming. But as in all of life, somehow in God’s vast resources of mercy and love, He covers us with His peace and His comfort and somehow helps fill the void. I can scarcely remember any bad moments but remember with a glad heart all the good. From early childhood to his departure, my mind and heart are full of all the things he taught me and shared and the time he spent with me here. Today, when someone says “you remind me of your father,” I find it the greatest compliment of all. He filled my life with so much good. He taught me to be honest, how to be a gentleman. He taught me to get up early and stay late, he taught me to love others even when they fail you. He taught me to be frugal, make the most of each day and help all those you can with an act of kindness along the way. I am so so sad today, but I am so blessed to have had him here to guide my life every step of the way. Dad, I love you and hope that as you tend the gardens of heaven today, for your Heavenly father, you will know that your son is so happy you tended the garden of my life so well.  May this be a great day for you. May God grant you great joy today and when you see Him will you ask Him to send a little extra comfort to all of us here today who loved you so very much.” – Van Rose.