Congratulations to our June Listing Contest Winners

The Following Resale Agents each won $50 dollars for their listing performance in June!

Beach Office

  • Cynthia Welch

Chesapeake Office

  • Joan Revell
  • Richard Calderon
  • Kathy Rolaf
  • Lisa Cicchetto

Ghent Office

  • Ernie Guiterrez

Greenbrier Office

  • Carmen Anthony

Harbour View/Suffolk Office

  • Genine Cooper
  • Kim Hughes
  • Cyndi Osborough

Holland Road Office

  • Jenni McFarland

Lynnhaven Office

  • Patricia Jami
  • Beth Hughes

Peninsula Office

  • David Tortolini

Shore Drive Office

  • Steve Conner
  • Naomi Reider

And the Grand Prize Winner . . . David Wilkey from the Chesapeake Office who won $200 dollars for his exceptional listing performance in June