Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive while Delighting Clients

Anna Staylor, REALTOR® from the Rose & Womble Lynnhaven Resale Office has hosted a Christmas party for over 20 years with a unique spin. She invites Santa to come bring surprises and treats for the children of her clients. The tradition, which many of her family and friends look forward to each year, has parents bring wrapped presents for their children and then Anna’s “elves” bring them to where Santa is waiting. Santa arrives at the party, after the children have spent time playing with the two 9 foot Christmas trees, with gifts ready to hand to the children. For Anna this party is not only about keeping in touch with clients but also for adding a bit of Christmas magic to the season.

“It’s about keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and magical for the kids. I love that I have families that allow me and my family to become part of their holiday traditions,” said Anna.

This year many children got toys, movies, and other fun goodies, but one family actually got a new puppy from the big man.  Anna invited her minster Rachel Gilman, from The Gathering, United Methodist Church, who used the opportunity to introduce a new member to her family when Santa presented her two children a new puppy. While this might have caused some holiday fuss, all the children loved on the new puppy who was named Chico. The children sat patiently while waiting for their turn, something Anna said was because she moved it up earlier in the day.

These types of events are one of the reasons Anna is continually one of the top resale agents in Rose & Womble, it keeps her in front of her clients and potential clients.

“I constantly get asked by other agents why I’m so successful, and really it is these events. I was able to reconnect with past clients and several people invited their friends who I hadn’t met before,” said Anna. “While it may be a bit of work it is completely worth it. This is simply my most favorite party of the year. I just love Christmas.”