How to Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation

One of the best benefits of buying a new home is the ability to customize your home. In addition to choosing your paint and countertops you can also select the safety features you want to include. In this day and age of technology there are plenty of cool features you can add to your home to keep everyone and everything safe and sound.

Consider installing advance technology, like whole house automation. This means you can install a system where you control the lights, temperature, and other features from your smart phone. This also means that you can turn on the porch lights and other lights to give the appearance that someone is staying there.

Our builders and agents can work with your select security company to help install these systems. It is much easier to put them in while building a home because you can have the cameras, switches, and other items blend into your decor.

Yet, even with the latest technology it is still important to ensure that you as a home owner do what is necessary to keep your home safe when you’re about to go on vacation. Here are some tips to help keep your beautiful new home safe while you’re on vacation.

1. Hire a house and pet sitter

You know I am a proud animal lover, but even this dog mom needs to get away from her fur babies every once in awhile.  I know that having someone at my home that I can trust to take care of my furry brood helps me relax on vacay – and the nice advantage is that this person can watch out for my house as well. Having someone bring in the mail, newspaper, and take out the trashcans lets potential trouble know that there is someone watching over the property.

2. Make your home look lived in

Maybe you aren’t going to be able to have a house sitter stay in your home, that okay, there are ways to make it appear like someone is home. For extended trips make sure to arrange for someone to mow the grass and look after the yard. You’re also going to want to find someone who could bring in your mail, newspapers, or any other materials that make it appear like you’re not at home.

3. Lock Up

This might seem like a silly reminder, but ensuring that all windows and doors are locked is important. The nice thing about a new home is that you’re going to get the best quality windows and doors on the market. New materials make these items easy to maintain and easy to use. Locks slide effortlessly shut, but stay strong against anyone who might try to break in. Your new homes agent can go over specifics of these windows and doors – but the safety and the energy savings of these items can be great.

4. Don’t share you’re on vacation on social media

You all know I love sharing what I’m doing on social media, but it’s important that we remain safe with the specific details we share. While we want to let everyone know about the great vacation we’re on, it might be better to post those updates after you get back. If you do want to let your friends and followers know you’re on vacation, ensure that your posts are set to private or a limited audience.

I love sharing these types of home tips, and if you’re considering building or purchasing a new home I’ll be happy to connect you with the right new homes community.

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