Holland Road Agents Learn How to Take Perfect House Photos

Perfect House Pictures
Focusing on great pictures – a member of the Perfect House team at workshop

Recently some of our Holland Road agents took the time to learn some new picture techniques from local photographer Dee Akright.  Dee has been a photographer for 33 years.

The agents went over how to get the best photos with the camera, how to prevent camera shake and use the flash properly.  Another point that Dee went over was tips for showing the property to its full advantage.   The agents found the class very beneficial.

“A picture is worth a thousand words and if you’re marketing that home you want those pictures to say good things,” says Jay Jenkins, real estate agent from Holland Road office.  “Your home may sell with low quality images in the listing but you won’t get the most buyers, which means you won’t net the highest dollar for your home.”

For anyone looking to take great photos Dee suggests to begin with not replacing your camera but with investing in good support.

“An inexpensive tripod for your camera is the best investment you can make towards getting better photos with the camera you have,” says Dee.

Jay, who is also a member of The Perfect House Team, organized the class.  He believes that learning all an agent can about taking good photos is going the extra mile for clients.

“Our team really focuses on what w can do to add value to our clients.  Great photos are just one example of how we really plan every aspect of listing and selling property,” says Jay.

For more information about Jay and the Perfect House team please call 757- 335-6111.  To get in contact with Dee please email her at deeakright@verizon.net