Brenda Rawls Invited to Summit for International Real Estate Professionals

Brenda RawlsBrenda Rawls has consistently been a leader in Hampton Roads Real Estate for her ability to move forward with new marketing techniques.  She was recognized as a international real estate leader by The Corcoran Group’s exclusive, invitation only international real estate summit held in New York City.

This invitation only event was for a select group of real estate professionals that added to over 93 million dollars in real estate transactions.  To be invited the members had to be real estate leaders in their own communities and had to be willing to share new ideas.   There were under 100 members from Mexico, Florida, Vermont, Connecticut, and other locations across North America. The small group was purposefully created to ensure that only the top real estate professionals were invited.  Each individual brought his/her own experience that could be share with the group.

“The members of this group were extraordinary in both their ideas but their willingness to share.  I think one of the most important aspects of my career has been learning from other agents,” says Brenda.

Brenda was able to show off her new website, along with several videos that high light key listings or neighborhoods Brenda is known for.  Here is an example

“This is considered by many in the group to be the future of real estate marketing.  I am so happy that I’m already using this for my clients,” says Brenda.

Along with the learning came a tour of some exclusive NYC properties including three lower Manhattan town homes and a home in Tribeca.

“What is an interesting fact is that New York City doesn’t have an MLS.  Instead agents are really forced to network and promote.  You have to know someone to get access in property so relationships are important,” says Brenda.

The four day trip included a rooftop reception at the W Hotel which had incredible views of the city.

“It’s always a very good idea to get our of your own market and learn.  To get another view point and come back refreshed and bringing new ideas,” says Brenda.

For more information about Brenda Rawls please contact her at 757- 428-3498