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Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Homeowners

It’s the Holiday season and for a family who has recently moved into a new home it might be nice to treat them to a Holiday gift that allows them to fully enjoy their home. Here are some of our favorite things to give homeowners this Holiday Season.

The Towel Cake

towel cake

No longer just for wedding or baby showers, the towel cake is a great and cute way to give homeowners some practical items for their new house. We found this one from the Etsy shop SacredCreations15. Each towel cake comes with a pot holder, dish towels, washcloths, spatula, spoons, and a glass. It is designed to resemble a cake making this a fun gift.

Homeowner’s Bucket

home owners gift basket

This is a simple thing to put together. Head to your local hardware store and grab things like Goo Gone, picture hanging kits, batteries, and maybe a surge protector. Put it in a bucket or toolbox with a pretty ribbon. If you have enough time you can order a customized galvanized metal bucket from Capcatchers.

galvanized buckets

Personalized Cutting Boards

personalized cutting board

These are adorable! From the Etsy store TrueMementos, you can get a personalized cutting board with a variety of fonts or sayings. They have a large selection of wood including maple, cherry, and walnut.

Gift Cards


It might the easiest one because you can pick a store or restaurant to give. Why not dress it up with this great tutorial from CatchMyParty.com. They used mason jars and paint markers to create these super cute Holiday themed jars. Then they took a green piece of scrapbook paper and traced the mason jar lid to add a bit of festive cheer. Finally they tied on a ribbon and filled the jar with Holiday candy along with the gift card. It allows you to give what many people consider an impersonal gift into something customized and original.

Organic Bedding

CozyPure Pillow

We love the items from Hampton Road based CozyPure especially the 100% organic LaNoodle Latex Pillow. Great for individuals with allergies and they are hand-crafted right here in Norfolk, VA. It is naturally resistant to dust-mites, mold, and mildew. The pillow casing is made from 100% organic cotton. It’s a great treat and wonderful gift idea for the Holiday. This LOCAL company also has a great selection of mattresses, linens, and other organic sleep items.

Do you like our gift choices or do you have something else in mind? We’d love to know in the comments.