6 Ways You Can Help Your House Sell

If you pick the right REALTOR® and set the right price you should be able to sell your house within a good time frame. Yet, there are ways to ensure that you can sell more quickly and they are not that complicated.

  1. Put your pictures away

No, not the awesome Kid Rock/Cheryl Crow duet, but your family photos. It doesn’t matter if you have beautiful professional wedding photos or those candid moments where your child decided to shove his entire face in his sister’s birthday cake – the point is to let the potential buyers see themselves in the house.

For best results remove all personal photos, no matter how adorable. Allow your potential buyers to see a nice clean pallet.

2. Unclutter the front of the fridge

You probably don’t notice the amount of stuff on the front or side of your refrigerator but more than likely it’s covered in school papers, take out menus, and maybe a calendar or two. Clear is all away and make the refrigerator shine. While your Elvis magnet collection may be amazing, potential buyers probably won’t care, or worse they spend more time admiring your replica of Graceland to notice the tile back splash.

Do not give buyers an easy reason to reject your house, instead make it shine.

3. Neutral paint colors

Seriously, a gallon of fresh paint can make all the difference to buyers falling in love with your home. You know how you feel leaving the salon after an amazing blowout? Well your home feels the same way with a fresh coat of paint. It’s like removing split ends, all the sudden everything feels fresh.

When repainting don’t go boring white – think light grey or off white. The walls of your home should be a backdrop not the star. Using a lighter color will make the rooms appear bigger.

4. Double Check the Curtains

Buyers have strong opinions about window dressings – they love or hate them. Instead of worrying about if your window treatments work for the potential buyers, get rid of them and put up neutral blinds.

5. Set the Scene

Staging your home is a critical thing to do because you are setting the scene for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Check out some nearby new homes communities for inspiration or better invest in a professional stager who can help use what you have to create the look buyers are after.

6. Listen to your REALTOR®

This is often overlooked but many times you need to take the advice of the person you’ve entrusted to sell your home. When they bring you the data on price, take the information and listen. Price and condition are two area you can control in the real estate transaction.