Back to School Snack Time!

The key to packing school lunches is to THINK INSIDE THE BOX!  Use re-useable containers as a guide and fill them with delicious and nutritious foods that your kids enjoy.  You don’t just have to pack sandwiches.  Fill paper muffin liners with an assortment of meats, cheeses and crackers, or skewer foods in fun combinations.  Its fun to eat off a stick. Save extra sauce packets from restaurants to use for dips for veggies. Pre-packaged items can be a saving grace. Individually wrapped cheeses and applesauces can help on busy mornings fill in the holes. Get your kids involved and prep as much as you can the night before. In today’s Pinterest world there are so many ideas to make lunches fun, easy and enjoyed. Check out our video of some simple ideas that we used and good luck.