What You Can Do While You Wait For Your Home to Finish Closing

Homebuying involves a lot of “hurry up and wait” intervals, especially during the closing process. On average, it takes 49 days to close on a home. So, if you’re a first-time buyer, you’re probably curious what you can do during this lull while the transaction gets buttoned up.  

We recommend waiting until most of your contingencies (things like the home inspection and appraisal contingencies) have been removed before you, say, enroll your kids in school or put down deposits on contract work.

Research contractors

If you are planning a complete renovation or would like a few small repairs to your home after you close, start looking for contractors and companies now.  If the sellers are open to it, you can request to have a visit with your contractor so you can get a head start on getting some estimates on repairs, window treatments, flooring, painting, etc. 

Call the locksmith

Nothing more exciting than getting the keys to your new place! Too bad those keys are about to become obsolete. No matter how trustworthy the previous owners may seem, you certainly don’t want them holding on to some spare master key that can access your new home. Book the locksmith as close to your move-in date as possible so it’s one less thing you’re stressing about the first night in your new place.

Switch the utilities over

This one is easy to forget about, but gas, electric, and cable (and phone if you still have a landline!) all need to be switched over. Make the call at least two weeks ahead of time to switch them to your name on the day of closing. 

Have your home insurance policy scheduled

Start getting quotes from different insurers and compare policies. Choose a provider and get coverage that begins on the day of closing the mortgage. If you are getting a loan on your house, your lender will verify you have property insurance in place. 

Schedule movers

Once you have that closing date in hand, schedule the movers. If you’re changing addresses during a busy moving month (e.g., June or September), the choice companies tend to book up quickly; if you’re planning on doing the transport yourself, you still need to book a rental truck and any additional equipment. 

Adopted from Apartment Therapy