Rose & Womble Turkey Brigade

Ask Jen Helps With Turkey Brigade

The Rose & Womble Turkey Brigade is one of my favorite events of the year. I love working for a company that puts the time and effort into helping so many in our community. The Turkey Brigade began years ago with only 25 meals and now has grown to 1,000 meals! Every year a large truck comes from Deltaville Market loaded with turkeys, potatoes, apples, stuffing, rolls, and vegetables. We have volunteers from SuperValu and throughout Rose & Womble off load the supplies.

I have personally been involved in organizing the Brigade and helping to deliver meals – the joy I receive from helping out my neighbors is immeasurable.

One of my favorite memories from past Turkey Brigades was before we partnered with Deltaville Market. We were feeding approximately 500 families this particular year. We had to pick the food up from Kroger on High Street, and move it to our office in the Harbour View section of Suffolk. We enlisted help from whomever had a truck and was willing to haul food, including the Suffolk Fire Department, to help with unloading and sorting. No carts, lifts, etc, just us unloading, sorting,making the baskets, and then loading up and delivering the food to each office.  It was crazy! Not to mention it was only 30 degrees that morning at 5 am at the Kroger! We had so much fun and no matter the hard work it was great to help our community.

Now we’re much more organized. The truck comes from SuperValu to our Harbour View Office location – volunteers from community groups and our offices come and pick up their deliveries. I’m always amazed at what can be accomplished when many people join together.

Ask Jen Barkan Rose & Womble New Homes Specialist

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