To Refinance or Not to Refinance?

Refinancing is something that crosses every home owner’s mind at least once during the life of the loan.  There are plenty of good reasons to refinance.  As with anything discussing it with a professional is wise before you do so you don’t  make a mistake and do it for the wrong reason.

Your CREDIT SCORE is on the rise!  You bought at a 580 barely qualifying and now you have put in work and reached that 720 goal.  You could definitely be a candidate and that is beneficial.

Did you have a sudden income reduction and need to open up your cash flow to reduce your monthly debt?  I know you RETIRED and maybe you don’t want to move or downsize so you would like open up on some of that equity……….cool Cash OUT refinances are great!

Oh wait I know one more you might be thinking of!  Changing that LOAN TYPE to get rid of a variable rate second mortgage (home equity loan) or even better and Adjustable Rate Mortgage that’s about to expire.   Watch our full tutorial video by clicking the link below!