Tips for Writing the Perfect Offer Letter

After months of looking at listings and touring open houses, you’ve finally found the perfect home. You love the kitchen and you can see your kids playing out in the backyard with the family dog. Only problem? You’re not the only one. Here’s how to write the perfect home offer letter.

  1. Flattery works

    If you love the renovations or that bay window, let them know! They will be happy to hear their hard work has paid off. Just be sure you’re sincere and don’t actually intend to renovate a whole room.

  2. Find a common interest

    If you know the seller happens to be a pet lover or a fan of your favorite sports team, mention that in your letter! That small connection you make might just help you seal the deal! Remember to be honest here as well!

  3. Be specific

    Don’t leave out the details and just say “we love your house!” Go into detail about what you love specifically. Mention that you love that bay window or that you can’t wait to cook in that beautiful kitchen. Be sure you craft the message in your cover letter to cater to that home.

  4. Sell yourself

    You don’t need to write out your entire resume on the offer letter. You want to keep the offer letter to one page if possible. But you can mention your current job and how many years you’ve been working to let them know you are a responsible buyer. Be sure to mention anything that may help you stand out; like if you’re a buying with cash, etc.

  5. Be upbeat

    Mention how you can’t wait to make memories in the home. Don’t say that you’ll be heartbroken if you don’t get it.

  6. Include a visual

    Show off your beautiful family and attach an image with your offer letter. This may help you stand out and make a connection.

  7. Be humble

    Be sure to thank the sellers for taking the time to read your letter. Mention how you would be thrilled to have the opportunity to live in their home!

Good luck!