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The Space Savers Encyclopedia

Finding space within your existing home can be difficult. That’s why we love this infographic from Here are just a few of the tips they suggest:

  • Take a serious look at the clutter in your home – figure out what you truly use.
  • The average person only wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Turn your hangers the opposite direction – once you use an item of clothing return the item in the correct hanging position. After a month this will give you an idea of what you actually wear and what you could potential get rid of.
  • Before you buy a piece of equipment or even items for a party find out if you can rent or borrow the item instead.
  • If an item has sentimental value so much that you want to keep it ask yourself the following questions:
    • Do you like it enough to display it? If the answer is yes then keep it – if the answer is no then remove the item.
  • Don’t forget about hidden storage areas – especially under the stairs.
  • Rethink items like buying DVDs – instead invest in streaming services to reduce clutter.

The Space Savers Encyclopedia
The Space Savers Encyclopedia by Flexispace.