Kelly Guzman Rose & Womble Property Management Awards

Testimonial Tuesday: Kelly Guzman

Property management is often the unsung hero of real estate. As a property manager you have to balance the needs of the tenant and the home owner, and often that isn’t easy. This is why we love highlighting our property managers whenever possible, and the outstanding work the do on behalf of their tenants, homeowners, and Rose & Womble.

Our Director of Property Management, David Hoessly recently received this email from a current tenant about his experience with his property manager, Kelly Guzman. Kelly has been with Rose & Womble since 2012 and earned a 2014 Distinguished Property Manager Circle of Excellence Award from the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association. She is a great addition to our award winning team.

Thanks Kelly for all of your hard work! Read below to see the letter Tony Martin sent in. And to find out more about our property management division please visit

Dear David,

I wanted to take a minute and pass along some kudos for Mrs.Guzman. I have been a tenant with Rose & Womble for the past 4 years, occupying three separate rentals over that course of time. The first three years were not favorable experiences in regards to property managers. Kelly IS A WONDERFUL ASSET TO YOUR TEAM! She has made every effort to communicate and act in a professional manner. I think she has done a wonderful job in balancing the demands of owners while communicating expectations of the tenant. She is the FIRST property manager to ACTUALLY INSPECT the home and communicate problem areas or deficiencies with the respective homeowner. I feel very comfortable in letting her know if any problems arise and confident that she will act in a timely manner. This IS the relationship that all Rose & Womble property managers should strive to meet or exceed.

The rental market is sure to dominate the remainder of this decade! If you want to increase your referral market I highly recommend that you include Mrs. Guzman in all your onboarding training for new property managers. Kelly is your “go to” person when it comes to fostering better tenant relationships and striving to put your best foot forward in all facets of the rental process, not just “here is the contract, now pay your rent on time”.

Very Respectfully,

Tony Martin