Space Saving Kids’ Playroom Design Ideas

Don’t have extra square footage to devote to a full-time playroom? Check out these fun and effective solutions for adding a play area to your kid’s bedroom.

Alphabetized Cubby System

An Alphabetized Cubby System will provide organized storage and serve as a great learning tool. / Via  

Reading/Seating Area

Put a bench between 2 bookshelves to provide storage AND a great place to enjoy a good book. 

Labeled Drawers

These labeled drawers will provide storage and help cut down the hassle of getting ready in the morning. 

Clear Storage

Use clear, see-through containers to help you see what’s 


A color-coding system is a great tool is you have a lot of legos lying around. 

Nesting Tables

These bright colored nesting tables provide a pop of color and save space.