Great Garden Tips with Items already in your home #garden #roseandwomble

Simple Beginner Garden Tips

If you’re a beginner gardener sometimes the basic questions can really stump you – especially where to plant what.

The best saying that we found was this:

-If you grow it for fruit or root the plant needs full sun

-If you grow it for the leaves, partial shade is all you need

Here are some other quick tips to help your gardens grow:

  • Pennies Keep the Slugs Away and Make Hydrangeas Blue
  • Used coffee grounds provide organic soil nutrients like nitrogen – great for mulch around veggies
  • Egg shells provide calcium – and work great with coffee grounds Garden
  • Orange peels are an aphids worse enemy – use them to banish them
  • If your azaleas plant leaves are yellow but the stems are green your soil might need an iron boost
  • Mulch is the best defense against soil evaporation – 2-3 inches of good mulch in your beds can reduce 75% or more of moisture evaporation of your plants.