Reminder It’s Daylight Savings This Weekend

Doesn’t it seem like we just sprang forward? This Sunday, November 2nd it’s time to “Fall Back” . . .here are some good reasons for the time change

Extra Sleep – it’s like the best reason why this is a good change

sleeping guy

A reminder to check your smoke alarm batteries


It means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming – of course all the displays where the Christmas decorations have been out could have clued you in too.


Even more excuse for having a pumpkin spice flavor something – the weather should get colder


Did we mention the sleep?


Now for those of you who do not like change here are some tips to help survive the change

  • Don’t change your routine on November 1st – that means keep to your normal sleep routine and pattern, it will help you adjust
  • Take this opportunity to review your own sleep patterns and adjust.
  • Make sure to maximize your sun exposure
  • Boost inside light