best of 2014

Rose & Womble REALTORS® Named to 2014 Best of Trulia List

Congratulations to the following agents and teams for being names to’s 2014 Best of Trulia list.

  •  Anna Paduhovich, Lynnhaven
  • Anna Staylor, Lynnhaven
  • Bryan Cerny, Chesapeake
  • Catherine Kowalsky, Holland Road
  • Cheryl Talbot, Lynnhaven
  • Holly Fisher, Lynnhaven
  • Jay Jenkins, Holland Road
  • The Mac Team, Holland Road
  • Julie Scott, Harbour View
  • The Peak Sold Team, Harbor View
  • Megan Timm, Harbour View
  • Richard Calderson, Chesapeake
  • Ryan Benton, Harbour View
  • Sherry Snyder, Lynnhaven
  • The PerfectHouse Team, Holland Road
  • Val Lee, Chesapeake

In order to be named to this list an agent must be in the top 1% of Trulia in terms of sales and client reviews. Individual on this list recieve a digital badge on their profile as well as ability to use this information in marketing themselves to potential clients.