Quick Ways to Clear Clutter

Clearing clutter doesn’t usually top our list of fun things to do! Finding the time (and the motivation) to make it happen can be overwhelming. That’s where quick clutter clearing comes in. Small bite-size projects make it easier to start the decluttering process. Here are a few easy projects to help you get started.

Food Storage Containers

Pull everything out and match up the containers with their lids and toss or recycle mate-less pieces. Stack everything up neatly and return it to the drawer or cabinet.

Fridge Door Condiments

Unload everything. Check expiration dates and toss anything past its prime, as well as any condiments you bought but did not like. Wipe containers with a damp sponge before returning them to the fridge.

Utensil Jar

The prime real estate nearest your stove should be reserved for true essentials. That crock of tools near the stove should hold only the items you reach for often. Find a new home for any utensils you don’t need to access daily.

Entryway Drop Spot

Collect any pocket change in a cup or catchall dish, recycle junk mail, hang up coats, and put away any items that have migrated here from other areas of the house.

Magazines and Catalogs

Go through all of your magazines and catalogs, one by one, setting aside current issues that you still want to read, and recycle the rest. Cut out any articles you want to save, or see if the same content is available online and bookmark it.

Sock Drawer

Inspect all socks & tights for holes and worn areas. Fold the sets that have mates and are in good condition, and return them to the drawer. Check the match-less socks for mates around your home before giving up on them. When you’re done, toss all unmatched socks, as well as any socks or tights with holes.

Shower Products

Recycle empty bottles and move infrequently used items to a drawer or cabinet. Give away products that you tried but didn’t like or try returning them to the store—otherwise, pour out the product and recycle the container. Yes, it’s a waste, but better than wasting valuable space. When you’re done, return your favorite everyday products to the shower.