Father's Day Wisdom Rose & Womble Realty Company

Meet the BOD: Father’s Day Edition

These were a ton of fun to put together – our three owners, Art Zachary, J. Van Rose, and Ron Foresta all took time out of their very busy schedules to be interviewed by our Special Projects Marketing Manager about being a dad.  What makes these videos very special is that each has a child who is currently working in the company.


Art Zachary and Matt Zachary

Art Zachary is the President, CEO, and COO of Rose & Womble and his son Matt is a sales and rental agent with our Beach Office.

Ron Foresta and Ron Foresta, Jr.

Ron Foresta, President of our Resale Division and his son Ron Foresta, Jr. Vice President of Resale.

J. Van Rose and Julia Diehl

Van Rose is the President of the Rose & Womble New Homes Division and Rose & Womble Enterprises and his daughter, Julia Diehl, New Homes Marketing Manager.