Lynnhaven Men Walk In Her Shoes

Lynnhaven Men Raise Awareness to Stop Violence Against Women


A few men from Rose & Womble’s Lynnhaven office decided to put a huge step forward in the fight against domestic violence by participating in the  3rd annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, a men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence.

Managing Broker John Daly, Assistant Managing Broker Norman Thomas, and REALTORS® Mike Harvey and Will Araiza all participated in the walk which happened at the World Trade Center building in Norfolk.  These men got involved with the march after hearing about the event from Denise Britt, a REALTOR® also from the Lynnhaven office.

“I got involved with this cause after participating in our office helping to remodel several rooms at the YWCA in Norfolk.  The Rose & Womble Foundation and our office worked to raise fund and after that I wanted to do more,” said Denise.

Denise, who used to work as a hair stylist, lost a client to domestic violence helped to co-form a non-profit organization called Daughters of Life.  The organization works to help families in crisis, provide scholarships, and other forms of out reach.  Her organization helped to remodel other rooms at the YWCA.

“Being a REALTOR® I help people find shelter, and that is what Daughters of Life is all about, helping to provide safe shelter for those in need.  I want to encourage other members of Rose & Womble to join me because it’s a perfect partnership to what we already provide,” said Denise.

Mike Harvey, one of the men who participated, said that the event gave him a better appreciation for women.  He borrowed the shoes from his girlfriend.

“Well my feet hurt, and my calves are killing me.  I don’t know how women walk in these shoes.  But seriously, this was a great cause because its important to bring awareness of an issue that I feel doesn’t get enough attention.”

Mike plans to make this an annual event, and Denise really wants to have 100 men from Rose & Womble there next year.

“I will beg if I have to but I won’t take no for an answer. I’m really proud of my four guys this year and I know there are other men in our company who are willing to take a step to help women,” says Denise.

For more information about Daughters of Life please visit their website.