Locally Owned But Internationally Connected

Our partnership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is one of our best assets.

Many times our agents go out into the field and they highlight their local advantage – and that is something to be proud of, but we’ve had potential clients come back and say “Well such and such has international connections?”

So do we .

With our connection to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® we help people move to and from Hampton Roads everyday – to overseas to across the street.  Our referral network sends over 30,000 broker-to-broker referrals a year and an industry-leading conversion rate of 42%.

In the latest issue of RIS Media Real Estate Magazine, the cover story is about why Local is Back.  In the article they highlights that local businesses are becoming more popular with consumers.  We’ve seen it in Hampton Roads, people are opting for a local business option than a national chain or franchise.  Real Estate is no exception.

According to the article quality, locally owned real estate firms are out performing their nationally chained back rivals.  At least 30 regions were highlighted as being led in transactions on both the selling and buying side by locally, independently owned real estate firms.

BTW: Virginia Beach/Norfolk was listed – and guess what Rose & Womble is that market leader.

For Rose & Womble being independent is the only way we want to do business- it gives us the flexibility to more quickly adapt to changing markets, the needs of our agents and employees, and allows us to be Hampton Roads Local Real Estate Resource because our decision makers live and work here.  Buy local and stay local but if you need to move across the country or across the world we can help with that too.