It’s a Great Time to be a REALTOR© with Rose & Womble

Today is National Punch the Clock Day.  It is one of those random holidays that you kind of scratch your head at and wonder “who came up with it and why?”  For the record, no one knows its origins or the true meaning behind the term.  Many people assume that the day signifies people who clock in and out for work.

Clocking in and out of work is a bittersweet thing.  For one thing you know when you clock in your getting paid to do work, but the bitter it is often for someone else who tells you when to work and when to leave.  Sometimes there is a limit to how much money you earn, raises and bonuses.  And for many the desire to be their own boss – to not have to clock out or in when someone tells you to is really tempting.

That’s why it’s always a great time to be a REALTOR© with Rose & Womble Realty Co.

•    You don’t have a “boss” instead you own your own business in partnership with RW.
•    You have access to nine offices 24/7
•    You get to start a business with a TON of support – including in-house IT and marketing departments to help you launch every thing from your own branded webpage to customized marketing materials
•    You get access to the BEST in the business – unlike the majority of major real estate companies in Hampton Roads our owners and founders live here and work with our agents to develop their businesses
•    Your in office mentor – the Managing Broker – is non-competing.  Our managers spend their time developing you.
•    You won’t ever be charged a franchise fee – because we are a privately held company based right here in Hampton Roads
•    You have access to the largest relocation network in the world with over 700 firms sending and sharing referrals
•    You have the advantage of never having to “re-earn” your spilt – once you reach a level it is yours year after year unless you earn a higher split
•    You are part of a growing, locally owned company – which believes that people are more important than houses.  We promote our agents not ourselves

These are just some of the benefits of beginning a career with us. Interested in learning more? Contact our Director of Career Development, Kristian Livernois at 757-340-6655 for more information or go to  With housing buying growing come be part of the ONLY firm in Hampton Roads to sell a Billion dollars of Real Estate in 2013.