How to Prepare to Buy Your First Home

By Dana Neighbors

Buying a home is the biggest purchase a person will make in their life! For a first time home buyer, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Even seem unreachable at times. I’m here to help you understand the process of buying a home or to see if buying a home is the right step for you. 

When starting your home buying journey, make sure you have the right team for you. Have a realtor that you really connect with, a lender that you trust, and a settlement agent to help you finish the deal. If you have a great team behind you, it will make the process a lot smoother!

Being pre-qualified from a lender prior to the property search and tours with your realtor is ideal. Having that step out of the way gives you the upper hand when writing an offer on your dream home. Especially when the market is a strong seller’s market, the more prepared the better. 

Open Communication and trust with your realtor is key. I was also a first time home buyer, everyone is at one point. As long as you talk and communicate with your team you are already on the right track. As a realtor myself, I only ask for open communication from my buyers to help make their experience amazing. 

Buying a home is a huge accomplishment, and a team effort. I wouldn’t be able to guide my clients through this process without help from the lender, title company and my client themselves. I pride myself in making my clients feel comfortable and heard throughout the entire deal. Real estate has been an eye-opening experience for me because of all my clients that I had the pleasure of working with. Make this experience special and gain a new life long friendship throughout the process.  

I hope this helps guide you in the right direction for beginning this exciting process. It can be scary and stressful your first time. But remember as long as you have a strong team behind you that you trust, they will transition you into your new home before you know it!


Dana Neighbors is a Realtor with Rose & Womble Realty. She recently won The Nationals Silver Award winner for Rookie of the Year. Contact Dana at 757-235-1327 or