How to Plant a Low-Maintenance Garden to Increase your Property Value

Virginia is for outdoor lovers. But people who love the outdoors want to play in their backyard, not work in it. You can maximize the value of your property by minimizing the amount of work it needs. One easy way to do this is by creating a low-maintenance garden – one that oozes curb appeal to potential buyers. 

Plant It And Forget It

The plants that evolved here in Virginia thrive in Virginia with little to no attention. Utilize native plants like the Eastern shooting star or the mountain laurel. Native groundcover plants can also cut down on the square footage you have to mow. Common wild ginger and wild pink are two native plants you can plant and forget. 

And don’t forget about shrubs! They are easy to maintain and can really dress up the front of your home. High-tide bush is a native plant that’s also salt and hurricane-resistant – another excellent selling point for your home.

Plant trees

Trees add shade and offer a good return on investment. A 2010 study found that homes with street-facing trees sold for nearly $9,000 more and 1.7 days faster than those without trees. Trees also improve air quality and if positioned strategically, could lower energy bills – something you can boast about when you go to list the property. The American hazelnut, American maple and black gum trees are all fast-growing varieties native to Virginia and are virtually maintenance-free.

Mulching is a Must

A freshly mulched garden is a polished-looking garden. It’s also beneficial for the plants. Fresh mulch around trees and in flower beds will not only prevent weeds and diseases, but also retains moisture in the soil. If you’re stumped on what color mulch to choose – look at your roof shingles. Matching mulch to your home will pull the whole look together for some eye-catching curb appeal.

Container Plants

You don’t have to worry about weeding potted plants, and you can move them whenever you want. Used them to decorate the front porch or the back patio. You can plant dwarf-sized trees, flowers, or vegetables and fruits.

More Hardscaping, Less Mowing

More stone pathways cut down on the amount of grass. They also make it easier to reach your garden without trampling on the flowers. Concrete patios, stone walkways, and fire pits don’t have to be expensive and can add to your yard and garden’s appearance. A paved walkway to the door or an enhanced porch or patio means less upkeep and more time to enjoy. You can also go big with an outdoor kitchen. They are growing in popularity these days as homeowners look to expand their living space into the outdoors. Installing fancy appliances like a pizza oven or a smoker can be a great selling point to woo buyers – especially those who love to cook and entertain.

Spruce Up the Lawn

First impressions are crucial with would-be buyers – so surround your low-maintenance  garden with a low-maintenance lawn that’s lush and doesn’t require a lot of weekend care. Here in Virginia, we see a lot of tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass – warm-season grasses that thrive in this humid, subtropical climate.

Even if you’re not ready to put your home on the market just yet, creating a low-maintenance garden adds personality and style – and property value. Landscaping is also more affordable and less time-consuming than a redo of the entire interior of the house. 


By Erin Langford 

Erin Langford is a home stager and landscape design writer. She loves entertaining and playing in her backyard, but she hates yard work. She recently expanded her patio and living room into one seamless area