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How to Pack the “Non” Packing Essentials During a Move

Moving is tough work – and having a good plan helps prepare you for anything that could come up – like how to handle the non-packing essentials of your move. We’ve put together a great list of things you need to do that might not fit into the moving truck.

1. Research and hire a moving company 6 weeks before moving day.

2. Fill out change of address forms 2-3 weeks prior to the moving day. Here is the link for the US Postal Service’s online change of address forms.

3. Notify utility services two weeks prior to your move. You’re going to want to schedule them to turn off the utilities the day after your move and have the utilities at your new home turned on a few days before you move in.

4. Call a locksmith and arrange to have your new home locks changed on moving day.

5. Schedule a cleaning company to clean the new home and steam clean the carpets a day or two before your move date. Doing this a few days early ensures the carpets are dry before you move in furniture.

6. Arrange to have school and doctor records moved to your new town or school district.

7. Change address with creditors and financial institutions.

8.Research cable, internet, and phone providers in your new area and set up appointments for service installation.

9. If you’re moving out of the area you will need to set up an account with a bank within that area.

10. Fill and transfer prescriptions a week before to a pharmacy close to your new home.

11. Withdraw cash for unexpected expenses during the move.

12. Properly dispose of flammable items that can’t be transported.

13. Order checks with your new address on them.

14. If you’re bringing your old refrigerator to your new home, make sure to unplug and defrost it 1-2 days before packing it in the truck.

15. Empty gas and oil out of your lawn mower and weed eater.

16. Back up all computers.

17. Take a family photo in your old home.