House Selling Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning Checklist for Selling Your House

There are five factors that help to determine if your home will sell:

  • The Price the Seller Sets
  • The Location of the House
  • The Terms of the Sale
  • The Condition of the House
  • The Real Estate Agent You Use

The condition of the house is an important step for having a well-shown house. If you’re living in the house that you have on the real estate market it is important to keep it showing ready, because buyers will often request showings that are short notice. We’ve gone over specific tips about how to deal keeping your home ready for showings when kids are living in the house, but having a quick cheat-sheet to ensure you’ve checked everything off is incredibly helpful.

This checklist from is great – it’s easy to use and simple, and it leaves lots of room for adding specific items for your home, such as cleaning the pool. If you’ve recently listed your house we would love to know how did you keep your home show ready?

You can download the checklist for free from Clean Mama’s Shop.

House for Sale Cleaning Checklists - courtesy of Clean Mama

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