Ways to Get Your Family Room Ready for Football Season

Whether you get into the game every week, or you’re just there for social interaction, football season offers the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family to root for your favorite team and devour delicious homemade appetizers!

  1. Allow for steady traffic flow

If you plan on turning your home into the ideal viewing space for Sunday football, that means your invite list will likely be hefty. To ensure your space doesn’t cramp guests, talk to your personal decorator about arranging the furniture in a way that creates a steady flow of traffic. He or she will lay out your space to maximize comfort, style, and functionality in equal measure.

  1. Consider seating arrangements

There’s nothing more embarrassing than hosting a party without considering the amount of seating you’ll need to accommodate your guests. A large sofa and one chair in the family room aren’t going to cut it. Investing in more chairs, and possibly even a sectional, is a smart decision and can prepare you for parties in the future.

  1. Light the room accordingly

Depending on what time of day your home team plays, you’ll need to adjust the lighting in the room accordingly. If you plan on watching football in the early afternoon, make use of the natural lighting in the family room, or light a few tableside lamps. If your team is playing past sunset, make sure you have enough fixtures, combined with overhead lighting, to keep the space well-lit.

  1. Provide enough table surfaces

Some of your guests are looking forward to football, while others are strictly there for the snacks and beverages. Provide enough table surfaces to accommodate your friends and family from the time they arrive until the moment your home team scores the winning touchdown.

Source | decoratingden.com/blog