Find Your Pace, Norfolk Bike Sharing

Norfolk is joining other big- name cities like New York City and Austin with a new way to get around, by bike. The Norfolk Bike Share program, Pace, is leading the way in urban transportation. Pace has a mission in Norfolk to provide high quality bikes that make riding a part of people’s everyday lives. It’s simple, easy to use program is hard to pass up when it comes to exploring the city or getting from place to place.

Pace is simple to use, start by downloading the user-friendly Pace app on your Smartphone. It’s through the app that you’ll use your location to find the nearest Pace bike. Once you’ve located a bike close by, tap “hold bike” on the app and lock up. Your bike will be waiting for you!

With half of all trips in the US deemed “bikeable,” riding is made easy with Pace’s flexible payment options. You can pay as you go at $1 per 30 minutes or you can sign up for the PacePlan. PacePlan is unlimited 60-minute rides starting at an affordable $4.99 a month. This plan allows users to take unlimited rides up to 60 minutes for one low monthly fee. Pace also gives student (I’m looking at you, Old Dominion Students), senior and military discounts. Pace also has a nice referral program so if you like what you’re riding, pass it along!


One thing, among many, that makes Pace stand out in comparison with other bike sharing ventures is that you don’t have to ride a Pace bike from station to station. Pace bikes are dock-less. You can leave your Pace bike locked up at any available bike rack in the city for no additional cost.

A revolution in urban mobility, Pace, has put 250 smart bikes in the city of Norfolk and worked closely with the city to determine the best location for Pace bike stations. The city of Norfolk has recently designated several bike lanes, so the time is perfect to try out the bike share program today!

How does it work? Find out here.

1. Find your Pace
Use the Pace app to find a nearby bike.

2. Make quick stops
Tap “Hold bike” in the app and lock up. Your bike will be waiting for you.

3. Lock and end ride
Close the built-in lock and secure with the cable. Then, tap “End Ride” in the app.

For information on bike share in Norfolk visit

View the current Norfolk Bike Network map by clicking image below. 


Watch this very informative street riding video courtesy of Bike Norfolk.

For a complete safety overview, view a copy of shareVAroads, Virginia’s law and safety tips for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists, developed by the Virginia Department of Transportation.