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Fall Home Maintenance To-Do #1: Replace HVAC Air Filters

Autumn is here and now is the time to prep your home for the upcoming winter. We’re giving you a full to-do list to help you maintain the maintenance of your home. Keeping up with small repairs and projects now will help save you money over time and avoid expensive repairs.

The first thing you need to regularly do is to change your air filters for your HVAC system.

Homeowners should replace the filter ever 1-3 months to keep the air quality clean and fresh. You should use a high quality air filter that is designed to remove pollen, mold, and other particles.

To replace the air filter use these tips from Today’s Home Owner.

  1. Turn the HVAC system off and wait to it to stop running
  2. Take the cover off the air return and remove the old filter.
  3. Write the current date on the new air filter – this will help you remember when you last changed the filter.
  4. Insert the new air filter in the return, making sure the arrow on the edge of the filter is facing in the direction of air flow. There are arrows on the filter that will indicate which direction the air filter should be placed.
  5. Put the cover back on the air return.
  6. Turn the HVAC system back on.

Stay tuned for more Fall Home Maintenance Tips.