Enjoy Your Yard All Year

The waning days of summer doesn’t have to spell the end of enjoying outdoor barbecues, parties, and casual gatherings. By adding a few design elements to your outdoor space, you can extend the good times through the fall months and even into winter.

Create a Cozy Lounge Space

Turn your patio into a cozy outdoor room by adding
the comforts you enjoy indoors. Use lounge chairs, hammocks, and outdoor sectionals for seating and don’t forget to add a few pillows and blankets!

String up lights or lanterns to help illuminate your space and set a festive mood. Complete the look by adding side tables and a rug.

Backyard Movie Nights

Building your own outdoor cinema doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. A simple projector with a white sheet tautly mounted on a flat surface is all you’ll need. Add an external speaker for better quality sound, round up your favorite patio chairs or our outdoor cushions, make some popcorn, and enjoy your movie under the stars.

Heat Things Up

Adding a source of heat near seating areas, like an outdoor heater, will easily extend the life of your outdoor spaces. Besides warming up cold guests, a fire is a nice place to gather around and drink a hot beverage or roast marshmallows. Permanent or portable, a firepit can be a great way to heat things up.

Ditch the Dining Room

Tired of eating in at the dining table (or in front of the TV) night after night? Try mixing things up a little. Flickering candles and glowing lanterns make dining outdoors a lovely way to welcome the freshness of cooler weather.

Use a portable tabletop grill or gas cooktop to cook appetizers fir a party, roast S’mores, or keep a pot of spiced cider warm.

Move Everyday Activities Outside

Making a conscious effort to take simple daily activities outside is an excellent way to get fresh air and make the most of your outdoor spaces. Try taking your morning cup of coffee, home workout, or even computer work outside.

When you take a few minutes to unwind and enjoy nature, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Year Round Gardening

Grow seasonal flowers, herbs, and vegetables in containers on your porch, deck/patio, or close to your house. You’re more likely to spend time outside, even if you have to wear a jacket and gloves. After you’re done with your outdoor winter gardening chores, kick back and enjoy your cozy space.