Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Proper lawn care is an easy way to help protect our natural waterways. With these Eco-friendly tips, your lawn can turn out stronger and healthier.

Do let your lawn go without water during short, dry spells. Grass plants are especially resilient at going dormant for a short period of time until natural rain returns.

Do use rainfall to water lawn and landscape. Most areas receive enough natural rainfall to support plant growth without supplemental watering or the use of lawn sprinklers.

Do prevent soil erosion by keeping a small patch of unmowed, unfertilized land next to any water’s edge

Don’t dump clippings or waste into sewers or waterways, or onto hard surfaces.

Don’t forget to sweep clippings, leaves and excess product back onto your lawn.

Don’t neglect to make the best use of your home’s gutters. Redirect downspouts to water lawns, gardens, and to fill rain barrels.

Don’t water before heavy rainfall or forecasted rain.