Don’t Let an Ugliness-Attack Get In the Way of a Great Home

Have you seen this commercial?  The one where the potential home buyer wants to make sure that the chair she designed will go in whatever house she and her husband choose.  When the agent shows her this commercial she has an “ugliness attack.”

It cracks me up every time I catch it on television because when you’re in real estate as long as our company has been then you’ve seen your fair share of ugly houses.  And buyers’ reactions.

Too often buyers get excited about the possibility of move in ready – but sometimes they don’t necessarily have the budget to accomplish it.  After all you want a safe neighborhood, great school district that’s a close drive to your office with access to community features.

And you want it showroom ready.

There are plenty of move-in ready homes, but they typically cost more.  When you see a house that gives you an “ugliness attack” look past the crazy wall color and carpet and ask these questions:

1. Is the ugliness coming from things that are cosmetic or is it a structural issue – rooms that are too small, strange layouts?
– Both can be fixed, cosmetic is often just a matter of new paint.  And structural can sometimes be changed with the right contractor – with the right amount of money.

2. Other than the ugliness factor could you picture your family living there?
– Does it have the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living space? Is there potential for the kitchen with some creative thinking?  If the answer is yes then it might be the house for you.

3.  Is there enough room in my budget for a makeover?
– If the home is listed at the right price, or even better under, and you have the resources, time, and ideas to customize the home then it could be the right home.

4. Is it the right location for my family?
– If the answer is yes and the bones are good put in an offer.

These series of questions is yet another reason why it is so important for buyers to have their own representation in the process.  A Rose & Womble buyer’s agent can help you get past your “ugliness attack” and on your way to getting the home you want.