Decorating with Houseplants

Houseplants are the home decor staple that will never go our of style. Adding them to your home is a great way to add color, texture, and liven up any space. These simple styling tips will give you ways to effortlessly weave houseplants into your home decor like a pro.

Let Plants Do What They Do

If you have a vining plant, let it do its thing. Place the plant near the edge of a table or bookcase so the vines have room to grow and drape over the table. Feel free to skip routine pruning to give the vines free rein to sprawl.

Up Your Container Game

Containers and pots are a great way to inject some visual interest and instant style into your space. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles from rustic to modern and anything else you can think of.

Go Up

Hanging Plants from the ceiling allows you to take advantage of an area with great light and fill a space that may not be ideal for a piece of furniture. Most houseplants adapt nicely to a hanging planter as long as the right light and water requirements are met.

The Rule Of Three

This design principle basically calls for items to be organized in groups of three. Two items tend to look random, four items can seem too cluttered, but three is that magic number that just works.

Fill Empty Corners with Plants

You Know that annoying corner in your living room that looks too bare when you try to fill it? Plants are a great solution for these hard-to-style sections.

When in Doubt, More is More

Plants have a magical quality of being able to decorate a room without feeling cluttered. Plants breathe new life into your home, so don’t worry about overdoing it. You’ve never seen a home and thought, “It’s lovely, but there are too many plants,” right?