Creating a Room Gamers Will Love

Did you know that September 12th is National Video Game Day? It really shouldn’t surprise us, as the average American plays 23 minutes of games daily and over $6.1 billion dollars was spent on video games in the United States in 2014.

If you have a serious gamer in your life, you might want to consider creating a space just for them and their obsession. Here were a few ideas we found on Pinterest – you can see the full collection on our new board called ‘Gamer’s Room.’

Turn a Classic Video Game into a Fridge

Video Game Fridge
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First, a house with a classic arcade game is already a winner, but when you combined it into the fridge well then that’s just over the top. We found this project on a blog post called 10 DIY Arcade Projects That You’ll Want To Make. While all the projects are good we couldn’t stop obsessing over this great idea.

Video Game Lamps

Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp
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Anyone who has played Mario in some variation has dealt with the evil that is the hanging piranha plant. So why not use this tutorial to make your own hanging piranha lamp! We loved this tutorial from 

playstation-console-lamp nintendo-zapper-lamp

We also really loved these ideas from using old consoles and controllers to make lamps. Pretty cool.

Video Game Blinds

pacman blinds
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Most gamers want a darken room to better view the graphics of their favorite game. If you’re going to use blinds get these that were featured on The classic Pac-Man silhouette is modern with the use of controller avatars.

Wall Art

stay calm and rescue zelda

This is a beautiful use of reclaimed wood from the EMC2Square Etsy Store. You can take this idea and add you own favorite video game quote or phrase.

Robots-in-Disguise-prints shows off a trio of posters for Mario, PacMan, and Sonic fans.


This vintage inspired poster from is a nod to the general love of video gaming.

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