Congratulations to Ruffner Middle School For Winning Championship


Rose & Womble New Homes division wants to say congratulations to the Ruffner Middle School Football Team for winning the Norfolk/Portsmouth Middle School Football Championships last night.

For the past two seasons, Rose & Womble New Homes managers and agents have rallied to raise fund for the young men of Ruffner Middle School which serves students in Norfolk. The head coach, Bobby Feinman, is the builder of DSF/Affordable New Construction which builds homes throughout Norfolk and Portsmouth.

“Last year [2013] was amazing. We had 38 young men on the team. 34 of them lived in a single parent household (Mom) and the vast majority were from the surrounding housing projects and neighborhood. We had a very good year on the field. We had an AMAZING year off of it. We have a bunch of great kids that are growing up in tough circumstances. My staff and I spent everyday with these kids, providing structure, guidance, discipline, love and a path to success in life. One of my main words was adversity. At the beginning of the season, I asked all 38 kids to raise their hand if they knew what it meant. Not one hand went up. I asked them to raise their hand if they had ever heard the word before. Not one hand went up. At the end of the season at our team banquet, every player screamed it in unison with huge smiles on their faces. We spent three months focusing on adversity and how we choose to handle it. Every player on the team benefited from this and it will assist them greatly throughout life. They were a huge inspiration to me, willing to trust the coaching and growing up right in front of our eyes,” said Feinman.

This season the agents were challenged to raise $1500 dollars and if they met that goal the leadership team from Rose & Womble New Homes, including division president J. Van Rose,  would take the ice bucket challenge.

We’re so happy for Ruffner Middle School and we want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS for all your hard work.