Chesapeake Office REALTORS® and Staff Help Clients Clean Up

The Chesapeake Resale Office recently held a community wide shred and hazardous waste collection event at their office.  This has become an annual event for this office which really goes out of its way to provide exceptional service for its clients.  Cintas provided the secure document destruction which is increasingly a growing concern for homeowners who want to declutter but also want to make sure their personal information is dispose of safely.

“I believe safety from Identity Theft is paramount these days,” said Bryan Cerny, REALTOR®.  “As a Realtor, I should always look out for a clients best, providing timely advise on such key matters in life.   Safety First!”

An addition this year was Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA) who accepted old cell phones, paint cans, and other hazardous waste from over 90 clients.  This is the best was to remove these items from your home and to be environmentally responsible as well.  The office provided the service to their clients. customers and the public free of charge.

“This is becoming an annual event that everyone prepares for during the year and, it is very important, that people are able feel comfortable that important documents with sensitive information will be securely disposed,” said Managing Broker Karen Gaskins. “In addition to providing a needed service to our customers, clients, and the community, we collected food items for one of the office charities, Prince of Peace Food Pantry.”

Many REALTORS® from the office were able to invite past clients and friend to participate in the event.  Agents and employees from the office were on hand to greet clients and help remove items from cars.

“During the event one client came back with ice cold drinks for the volunteers and later I received a call from my client Denise, letting me know how much they appreciated it and how well organized it was, I have to say I think we have the best clients! And I can’t wait for our next event,” said Richard Calderon.

The Chesapeake Office organizes these types of events with the use of committees.  The Shred Event Committee members are Richard Calderon, David Sockman, David Wilkey, Arnold Aguas, Tom Belesimo and Angela Sether; however, all agents were able to invite anyone and many posted the invitation on Facebook or other social media. Other agents such as Kathy Rolaf, Fella Rhodes, Bryan Cerny and Patty Bills were there on Saturday to meet and greet their clients and customers.

“Chesapeake agents’ relationships extend far beyond the listing and/or sale of personal property, we develop clients for life and give back to the communities we serve,” said Gaskins.